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Flying Tree uses paragliding and powered paragliding on its aerial reforestation process. We also use power boats, kite-surf, stand-up-paddle board and kayaks for wetland reforestation. In addition, we have found very effective, the usage of bikes, off-road and amphibian vehicles. For easily accessible areas to be reforested, we simply use everyday-used vehicles, including cars, bicycles, human/animal pull-carts, and foot.

LOCATION Manzanilla Beach/Nariva Swamp

Flying Tree headquarters is located in the Manzanilla Beach/Nariva Swamp, Trinidad and Tobago. It is at this location where we conduct most of our research and create the adequate techniques to be applied at this and other locations. It is also here where we host seminars and training sessions for interested parties.


As part of our international reach, the Flying Tree team takes part in different sports events and competitions globally where we create awareness, teach techniques and recruit suitable environmentalist.


Our organization bases its expertise on its direct scientific approach, extensive training and qualified personnel which together with the right equipment can achieve this total integration.

Plastic sequestration

Aireal reforestation

Training and education

Rehabilitation of ecosystems.

participation in sporting events.

Wetland rehabilitation

This two small pavers can sequestrate 200 plastic bottles ...can you imagine an entire road !
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